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At SparrowHawk Mobile Detailing, we believe in taking that extra step to make your boat shine like new. If you need boat or yacht detailing in the Jacksonville area, SparrowHawk Mobile Detailing is the place to call! Our mobile detailing team will come to your home or marina to clean your boat inside and out. We are Veteran Owned & Operated and are System X and IGL Coatings Certified and Insured. Book your next boat detail with SparrowHawk Mobile Detailing today!

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4 Reviews
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Lack of knowledge of boats and boat seats.
from Daniel Anthony Gurzi, 7 months ago

In June of 2023 I had my 2023 Keywest 239DFS boat detailed and a ceramic coating applied. The boat is used for boat tours and averages about 45 hours per month with currently 325 hours on it. The boat has some scratches with a couple of them somewhat deep. I meet the owner of the Jacksonville Florida franchise at the boat storage. We agreed to a detail cleaning, scratch removal and applanation of the ceramic coating. We scheduled for two days for me to take the boat out of revenue service and he would provide the service. I give them credit for having a scheduling and billing program with its reminders. I got my reminders prior to the date of service and took the boat out of service. Dee the owner and his staff person did not show up. I called him and get this excuse that he was on a big job out of town did not know what happen. It became clear that he had a chance for a higher paying job a blew me off for it regardless of my revenue loss and my time. He advised he could now do the job in one day and would be on site the next day.

They show up the next day total unprepared, not even a water hose let alone a pressure washer as advertised. He had come out once before without a power cord to do some minor scratch work. I asked in writing for the name of the Ceramic material, warranties and how to maintain it. I have been blow off. I notice when they were here, whatever they were using were in unmarked bottles. They did not open any compartments. They would not have cleaned the cushion that were in the large compartment that the head is in if I did not asked them. They were not happy with me when I asked them get the cushions out and clean them. They did not even move the fishing net to clean gunnel let alone the livewell and fish locker.

I was in a big hurry and the outside of the boat look good missus the big scratches. So I paid them and even gave them a tip mostly because my current company I am use to getting tips. He confirmed with me several times I could use the boat in revenue service the next day as long I did not wash it with chemicals and he gave me a bottle of distilled water to use. This appears not to be the case if you read up on the subject online. One of my biggest concerns, whatever they put on the cushion make them turn yellow when people sit on them if they have been sweating or have sunscreen on. There have been maybe 1,000.00 people on the boat before SparrowHawk worked on them and I never had this problem.

I did not notice the problem addressed in this review until the next day as I did not go onto the boat. I texted the franchise owner about the problems and just got back a very abusive text blaming everything on me and advising how everything is all my fault. The reason this review includes the main company of SparrowHawk Mobile is that I asked for their help mostly with the seats as I am very concern. I also advised them that nothing on their website was being followed. His final statement to me is they cannot do anything and I need to wash the seats.

It became very clear that they don't have any real understand the issue of boats, with salt water and the kind of use they get. The damage that they did to a new 6 figure boat without trying to help resolve it I could not image them working on a 7 figure airplane.

Correspondence is available upon request.

Dan Gurzi
Adventure In Paradise
[email protected]

Attention to Detail
from Charles, 10 months ago

Dee and his team are extremely thorough every time when detailing our fleet of vehicles. We’ve used him for our SUVs, Trucks, Classics, and Boat.

Definitely recommend him for any ceramic coating work or detailing.

Excellent Detailer!
from Pete, 10 months ago

DeAndre has been detailing our cars for the past couple years (on monthly basis) and done an amazing job keeping our cars in top shape. Very professional and friendly. I highly recommended DeAndre for any detail projects.

from Elam Alumbaugh, 10 months ago


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