Acme Propellers

Acme Propellers

Location: 123 N. DeKraft St., Big Rapids, Michigan 49307

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ACME Propellers are on more inboard boats than those of any other manufacturer. So it might come as a surprise that we're based in the Midwest. But Michigan is home to some of the best freshwater lakes in the world. Fishing, cruising, wakeboarding—we do everything that people on the water do. And we love it. And our love for the water isn't just a hobby. It's our livelihood. It's what draws us to the lake everyday. It's not free time—it's freedom. And it's not just a propeller—it's ACME. Our passion for perfection is what drives us to design and manufacture performance propellers to the highest quality standards. We know what happens on the water depends on what you’ve got under the surface.

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