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Located in Warsaw, Missouri, Angler’s Port Marine is your Phoenix, Legend and Lowe boat dealer for Missouri. We have all your boating needs covered, sales, service, electronics and boat accessories. Bass, Pontoon, Deck, Crappie, Jon and Fish & Ski boats. Our certified technicians service Mercury and Yamaha motors.

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from Chris Wagers, 6 months ago

February 28, 2023
Anglers Port Marine Warsaw MO review

My wife and I purchased a 2000 crest pontoon from Anglers Port Marine in Warsaw MO last October 29th. We were at first very impressed with the boat. It look like the boat was in real good shape, at least thats what we thought. We made the cash deal and took it to the lake for a test spin before making the 150 mile journey home. On the way to the lake just a few miles away i noticed that the trailer dog tracked to the left. Getting it to the lake we had a very hard time getting it to start. After trying for a very long time we got it running but ran very rough. We took it for a very short run on lake and decided we better take it back because the motor had some problems. While loading a squealing noise developed. Later i found out that that was a low oil alarm. We took the boat back and told them of the motor problems. They assured us that they would get it fixed. I also told them about the problem with the trailer. I asked the shop guy to check it over real good and to put a tape measure on it to make sure it was tracking right, that we had 150 miles to get it home. He and sales person assured me that they would check everything over and make it right. We had expected to get it the next weekend, but were told that they were to busy to get into the shop. They already had our money so I guess it did not matter to them. After three weeks we went to get the boat. We were told that they got everything fixed. They put spark plugs and new gas line on the motor. We again took it to the lake for another test spin. Lowering the motor down water pored out of the motor. My concern was it had froze several nights and they did not bother to drain it. We again had the same problems, after getting it started it ran some what better but still very rough. We at that point were very very disappointed. We just wanted to get it home at this point and headed home. On the way home i realized that there was something seriously wrong with the trailer. After getting it home i found out why. Please see pictures included. We were very thankful that we made it home. The next Monday i called and left messages for them to call back. I looked at there web site and i got a message to do a review and i did stating all the problems. I got a quick reply. I told them about what i found. They apologized and said they would not leave me high and dry they would be there. But they did not once make an offer to come get it or pay to have it fixed. I have contacted them several times and the salesperson is the only person that has communicated. I have since done a nuts and bolts restoration on the boat. I fully expected to find stuff that was not right. But not one of the things they said they would fix was fixed. I found that the trailer tracking was off a inch and a quarter. This also explains the very badly scrubbed tires.The motor was a mess i found that the carbs were junked up and the bottom carb needle valve was all the way screwed in. That tells me there was no attempt to fix it. I also found the boats electrical was a mess. The battery cable was spliced twice going from 4 gage to 10 gage and the back to 4 gage see pics. I have since the replaced parts on the trailer and also straighten the tung. I also have aligned it. All in all i have about two hundred dollars for parts and materials so far, but still have to think about some new tires soon and about twenty man hours fixing everything that they said they fixed and didn’t. Fortunately i have the knowledge and capabilities to do what i did. Their president states on their web site that he believes in safety, stewardship, ethics and values.(pasted from their web site) Well where is it. Just a little bit of quality control would have gone a long way here in stead of just sweeping it under the rug and not doing it right. My last communication with them was January 16 and they promised a reply, still nothing back. BE FOR-WARNED DO NOT BUY A BOAT FROM THEM. They do put on a good first impression but do not hold true to their word. Also be sure to read reviews I am not the first to have this kind of problems. My pictures do not lie….

Chris Wagers
Topeka, KS

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