BOE Marine

BOE Marine

Location: 325 Cleat St., Stevensville, MD 21666

Email or call for working hours.

BOE Marine is a diversified company in the recreational industry. Our departments include Marine Electronics Sales and Installation, Boat and Yacht Outfitting, Outboard Engine Service and Repowers, Boat Hauling, and RV Sales. We have a team of employees dedicated to helping you enjoy your time on the water.

We know you have so many choices on where you can buy your marine electronics. Shoot, most of the manufacturers even sell directly now. We are confident that we offer the best package of brands, services, and prices to make your electronics upgrade the smoothest possible. If you EVER find a reason why we are not your best resource, please reach out to let us know. Since 2003 we have played a role in outfitting nearly 50,000 boats. We might know a thing or two.

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