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DockGlide is a self-adjusting cleat system designed to ease the stress placed on your dock and boat from rough water conditions created by both heavy boat traffic and weather. DockGlide also protects your boat when it’s on the lift by keeping your boat centered in the slip and out of harm's way when those waves come rolling through! For pricing and to see DockGlide in action please visit our website at

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No More Worries
from Ria Risch, 4 years ago

We got the system installed last summer. BEST idea ever!! We have a large cruiser with 14 or more ropes holding our boat and at least 1 breaking every week. We are on a main channel so very rough water. We were always worried about the boat and the thought of what would we do if all the ropes would break at once. Now we don't think about it at all. We are relaxed knowing our boat and dock work together keeping all safe and secure. Thank you to Larry and Lisa for taking away our worries with the DockGlide system.

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