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At LOTO Lift we strive to deliver top notch lifts and customer service. We believe these qualities go hand-in-hand and a solid business cannot be successful without both. Our mission is to offer the best lift on the market and we have vowed to keep our prices fair for both the consumers and ourselves. We offer a wide variety of lifts. Check out our LT, FM, Shallow, and PWC styles. Trust our outstanding reviews and testimonies. We will do our absolute best to make your boating seasons a breeze!

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18 Reviews
current rating
6800 LB LOTO Lift w/FirstMate Remote
from Robert Rivera, 1 year ago

LOTO Lift did really, really, good work to say the least. The lift looks great, and it is clearly a quality build. Love the extra support for the middle section of the bunk boards. They clearly provide super professional workmanship, which is not always easy to find.

Best Lift Company at LOTO
from Michael Dietzler, 2 years ago

They were awesome. Lance was great to work with. During the height of a very busy season they squeezed me in and put my 8800 lb lift in before I took delivery of my boat. Fairly priced lift, no attempt to try and up sell you unnecessary add on, great service and installation. There the best and everyone else is just the rest.

Do yourself a favor......
from Charlie Robertson, 3 years ago

Stop reading reviews and call Lance now. LOTO is the best!

This lift is NO JOKE
from Brian Donnelly, 3 years ago

I needed a new lift. My 30+ year old lift was shot. I considered buying a used lift to save money. What I found is that for a little more that what a decent used lift would cost, I could get a brand new lift from LOTO lift. I talked to other lift manufacturers, but they were not in my price range. Thinking I was going for the 'cheap' option, I expected shortcuts, and lacking real quality. I WAS WRONG! This lift is a BEAST. All the metal is above the waterline, so no rusting parts. Lifetime warranty on the tank and frame! All the welds are smooth and clean, and the axles are HUGE. This is not your mama's lift. This thing is built for strength, and it is really solid. When you look at the reinforcements, you know it's strong. To top it off, I was able to get it built and installed, in about 2 weeks! WHO does that at Lake of the Ozarks?!? Do yourself a favor, and go look at them, compare their build quality, and then buy one.

Great service, great product, great price
from James Blackledge, 3 years ago

Just had a 20,000 lb. lift installed. LOTO Lift provided great service from the quote through the installation. I don’t normally post reviews, but this experience was exceptional and I would highly recommend the LOTO Lift team for your boat lift needs.

Stress and Worry free
from Erica Butkovich, 3 years ago

Lance is the best! Answered all of our questions. Didn't BS us and got the job done when he said he would.

Only the BEST with these Guys
from David White, 3 years ago

From start to finish these Guys are the BEST, they don't have to advertise to get there business, us the customer will do it for them by telling everyone how great they are!!!!. On time and showed up the exact day I will told could have been better.

110% service and quality!!!
from Nicholas Andres, 3 years ago

What can you say about LOTO Lift!!!. I can tell you from 12 years of being a condo and a homeowner at LOTO that no one answers tbeir phone, calls you back quicker, gives you very fair prices off the bat, sells an amazing quality product that they stand behind, I Have used them 2 other times prior to this install in Jan 2020 and they still impressed me! I was out of town and they made the purchase and the install seemless. Not only did they go out of their way to install it a day early, they even made payment very very easy for me. Lance is there “go to guy“ he is outstanding, he has amazing work ethic, customer service, and integrity. He is a US Vet and we salute him! Thank you for your service! KC the owner, always goes above and beyond to make the deal happen and stands behind his work and team. Thank you and your whole team at LOTO Lift for making this one of the easiest purchases ever! I am telling you there is no other contractor down at the lake with this level of service that you can count on.

LOTO Lift was great.
from Rob Odenwald, 3 years ago

LOTO did a great job. They built a lift specific to our special needs. The lift was installed early, completed on time and within budget. Casey worked with us to make sure we were happy with our lift. Great Job!

Fantastic Service & Quality Lift
from Mark Cox, 4 years ago

I purchased a new 6800 lbs LOTO Lift from Sarah she was awesome. She answered all my questions, emailed me a quote & installed it within a week (That’s unheard of at the Lake). These lifts are built for the rough waters at Lake Ozarks! I highly recommend LOTO lifts.

!Best Lift On The Market!
from Greg Turnbow, 4 years ago

LOTO offered me quality boat lift with an outstanding design. Their attention to detail and excellent customer service skills sets them apart from their competition. The installation technician (Jeff) was professional, informative and represented the company well. If you are in the market for a boat lift, don’t hesitate to call LOTO Lift you won’t be disappointed!

Great value 135LT
from Jamon Gambino, 4 years ago

A couple years ago I purchased a new 135LT (13,500 lb) Loto Lift and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. After researching every lift available at Lake of the Ozarks, I concluded that loto was a great quality lift with a great price to match when you compare to other brands available. Reaching someone to answer my questions was never an issue when going through my research process. With Loto Lift I also have room to grow, being able to add an additional tank to accommodate any boat I may buy in the future up to 20,000 lbs. I highly recommend purchasing from loto.

New Boat Lift: Loto Lift, 6800 LT model
from DREW MEYEROWICH, 4 years ago

I had a tough decision to make as I had an existing relationship with a great team that provides another brand of lifts to replace our "Old" lift destroyed this winter due to old age. Doing my own research, I came across Casey and His Team and decided to hear him out on the advantages of the Loto Lift 6800 LT.

Casey knows his lifts and while he did not "Bad Mouth" the other brand, he did feature the advantages of his lift. I made the decision to go with an unknown team over the great service of the known team simply because I felt the Loto Lift had too many features I could not pass up: I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER ABOUT THAT DECISION.

Casey was scheduling a few weeks out and gave me a tentative date for removal of the "Old" and installation of the "New". As the date approached, he contacted me with the exact date so we could be there. They came as scheduled and the installation was 100% professional. I cannot thank him and his team enough.

I have a second lift of the "Other Brand" that is still reliable, but comparing these two lifts Side-by-Side is a "No Brainer". I simply love that all of the hardware is above the water and the construction of the 6800 LT is incredibly impressive.

I cannot give a higher rating for both Before the Sale and Installation. Friendly, competitive and professional throughout the installation. Everything I witnessed convinces me that Casey and his team will stand by their work for years to come. When the time comes, I will definitely consider the Lotto 6800 LT model!

Thanks to everyone at Loto Lift!

Outstanding service
from Kent snelson, 4 years ago

We purchased our 8000 lb lift from Loto lift in April , From the very first contact with Sarah We knew this was a quality company that wants to be successful, you will not find a finer group of people, our install was done on the day planned and it was perfect.Thank you Loto Lift!!!

Outstanding Service/Quality, 5 star plus
from Nichole Richey, 4 years ago

This company has outstanding customer service superior quality lifts. Best at the lake!!!!

Completely Satisfied
from Larry Drummond, 4 years ago

Over the past weekend I had a 13.5K Lotolift LT with the Back In option installed for my 1995 SeaRay 290 Sundancer. I did all of my consumer investigation over the internet and made my decision based on past comments (not ALL good, but Hey the negative ones weren't about quality of thier product. And there are just SOME people that you can't please!) Jeff and Chaz were the installation team, both highly professional, courteous, prompt and were prepared to stay until I was completely satisifed with how it was installed and how my boat sat on the lift as well as the lift's operation! I was the first install at Melvern Lake out here in Kansas which was probably a 4 1/2 hour drive from Camdenton, Missouri. At this point (yes it's still early), I am extremely happy and satisified with my choice to go with Lotolift. I will definitely be following up with an update once I have had the lift a while. If I were a betting man, I would say that it will all be GOOD news. Thanks again Jeff, Chaz.

LOTO lift
from Brittany Turnbow, 4 years ago

Simply the best! Quick to respond & a product that delivers

Thank you!
from LOTO Lift, 4 years ago

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a great review! We hope you enjoy your new 6800LT this year and it makes boating season a breeze!

Loto Lift Lake of Ozarks
from Doug Geddes, 4 years ago

I purchased 3 lifts from Loto Lifts and zero issues what so ever. 2 of the lifts were Pwc lifts that I wanted in a 10’ wide slip. Everyone wanted to sell me a single unit capable of holding 2 Pwc’s , but I wanted 2 independent lifts so I could raise and lower each independently. Derik sat down with me and showed how we could do this and still have walk-boards on each side of the lifts. Just what I wanted. Deposit made and lifts were delivered on time. He would call with updates and sent photos once completed.
After that purchased a tri-toon and went right back to Loto Lifts. Delivery on schedule with updates and photos. I have had zero issues and feel very comfortable in their support and service if needed. I did a lot of looking and felt this place was the best bang for the buck

Thank you!
from LOTO Lift, 4 years ago

Mr. Geddes, your unwaivering support and continued promoting of our product is greatly appreciated. We are so glad that we could not only meet your expectations on one new lift, but you were so satisfied you purchaseda total of 3 from us! Thank you for your kind words. We appreciate you!

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