Marine Clean

Location: Rocky Mount, MO 65072
Services: Boat Cleaning, Boat Wash & Uncover, Boat Wax & Buff, Boat Detailing, Fiberglass, Oxidation Removal
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The Marine Clean staff has over 20 years of experience in washing and detailing boats. We work tirelessly to provide top-of-the-line services for our customers. We are fully insured and we only use high-quality products. From cleaning chemicals, upholstery shampoos, to wax, we don't skimp on quality. Our detailing staff will clean the exterior of your boat and hand wax (carnauba) all gel coat surfaces, remove water spots and dock rash, polish and clean rubrail and all stainless steel hardware as well as clean your windshield, removing any water spots. We offer convenience and dependability giving you peace of mind when it comes to your boat. Let us help you make your boat look its best.

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3 Reviews
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Top Notch Every Time
from Spencer Whitton, 6 months ago

I have had them work on multiple boats and friends boats. Always top notch. Will always be the go-to guy at the lake.

Simply the Best!!
from Derrick Blackmore, 1 month ago

These guys came out and took my dull hull and my dirty boat and made it look amazing!!! As a matter of fact I didn’t tell my spouse I was doing it cause I wanted to surprise her (and I didn’t want to tell her I was spending the money) and she walked down our dock and said “what did you do to the boat? It looks pristine!” Then she asked if I got it painted..... that’s how good of work they do! So happy to have found them! Will be using them again in the future! Excellent value and they show up when they say they will!! They made our 293 Cobalt look amazing! Highly Recommend!!!!

Absolutely the Best!!
from Derrick Blackmore, 1 month ago

David and his crew did an amazing job on our 293 Cobalt! They took a dull hull boat and made it look like new. They did the interior and exterior of the boat and did an amazing job. They were there when they said they would be there and took their job very seriously! My spouse walked on the dock after I had it done (I didn't tell her I was doing the detail. Mainly because I didn't want her to know I spent the money) and she said "the boat looked pristine!" She then asked if I even had the boat painted. David certainly knows what to do to with ugly boats! He makes them look amazing! We will certainly use him again next spring!!! Thanks