Marine Surveyors of North Georgia

Marine Surveyors of North Georgia

Location: Gainesville, GA 30504

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Marine Surveyors of North Georgia has been in the surveying business for over twenty years. Along the way there has been many important changes to the way our surveys are performed. Every boat is different, structure, engines, generators, electrical etc.. Our documentation covers all aspects of the vessel and when there is some thing that needs included in the survey, it is. We take pride in being professional and thorough. We have invested a lot of time and money to have the correct equipment to test engines (ECM scan tool), generators (Cycle meter) , AC and DC electrical systems (Stray current sensor, Load tester), vessel structure (Moisture meter). We also have thermal imaging equipment for AC and DC circuit panels. Quick way to find an electrical problem in any vessel.

Something unique offered by Marine Surveyors of North Georgia is our custom built vessel “stray current sensors” that installs between the dock and boat shore power connection. This device allows us to identify current leakage and helps the boat owner/mechanic trouble shoot the source of current leakage. .030 mA thresh hold sensor activates an audio and visual alarm that can be reset until the problem is found. This is mostly for the prevention of ESD (electrical shock drowning) that can affect anyone swimming near a “hot” boat at the marina (or any dock), potential damage to your outdrive and high electric bills. If you are interested in renting a sensor for a few days to check out your boat, give us a call to set an appointment for the sensor to be installed to help you trouble shoot your own vessel while you are on board.

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