POP Yachts

POP Yachts

Location: 5717 Bessie Drive, Sarasota, FL 34230

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Pop began in August 2009 with a vision to create a dynamic boat brokerage which would offer sellers what they had never been given before: the right to sell their boat on their own without a commission. Pop, standing for Paid On Performance, still believes that boat owners should maintain the right to sell their boat privately. While boat brokers serve an important purpose, many boat sales can happen without a broker and those boat owners shouldn't be required to pay a broker just because they signed a contract.

Pop has built a proprietary software system which serves as a foundation for a future which had never before been realized. The vision changed to becoming the largest boat and yacht brokerage in the world. Utilizing our superior technology and advanced marketing, that vision was achieved sometime in February 2013 when Pop started selling boats at a pace of more than 500/year. Selling more than 1,500 boats per year, the competition is going to have a hard time catching up - when they wake up

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