Tyde Dive Service

Tyde Dive Service

Location: 972 San Christopher Dr, Dunedin, FL 34689

Email or call for working hours.

Hello and welcome toTyde Dive Service. My name is Jon Pessas. I am the owner and the worker. This is a hull cleaning and boat works company. My goal is to make sure your vessel is clean and running smoothly. I don't clean for you hopping in, I clean for you hauling out. After working in the industry in the area for over 5 years, I've become an expert. Also I have learned a few tricks. Being gentle on your paint saves you and me both time and money. That's just one example. There are countless others.

On top of cleanings, you can rely on me for other under water boat maintenance. That includes pulling props, replacing through hulls and anything else that may need attention. Which also means chasing down what ever zinc or part you may need.

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