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Renting a Boat at Lake of the Ozarks - What You Need To Know

July 14, 2022 by Michael Kiel

No visit to Lake of the Ozarks is complete without getting out on the water. Luckily, the options for renting a boat at Lake of the Ozarks are plentiful. Perhaps you’re planning on tubing and water skiing with the family. Maybe you plan on hosting a get together with friends, or it’s that time of year when you and your buddy go out on your annual fishing trip. If you’re looking for insight on the type of boat you should rent along with a list of boat rental companies, you’re in good hands. From pontoons to tritoons, to ski boats, here’s what you need to know about renting a boat at Lake of the Ozarks: 

Boat Rental Companies at Lake of the Ozarks

While there are many places to rent a boat at Lake of the Ozarks, we’ve narrowed our list down to eight boat rental companies. We start with Dirty Duck Boat Rental (1 MM Glaize Arm). They offer 24’ Hurricane deck boats and 10 passenger 24’ and 12 passenger 28’ tritoons. They also offer 9 passenger 23’ and 10 passenger 27’ ski boats. They are near several lakeside establishments including Backwater Jack’s (17.7 MM) and Shorty Pants (21 MM). A $300 security deposit is required on all rentals.

dirty duck boat rentals lake of the Ozarks Photo Credit: Dirty Duck Boat Rentals

Anchor has a unique and very popular concept when it comes to renting a boat at Lake of the Ozarks. Instead of just renting your average pontoon, Anchor has a variety of privately owned boats and yachts to make your on-the-water experience extraordinary. In addition to helping you find the perfect boat or yacht, Anchor will also pair you up with an amazing Captain & Crew so everyone can have fun and relax. To book your next adventure, simply visit Anchor’s website, where you can filter boats by length and number of passengers. You will then be paired with the perfect boat for your desired boating experience.

anchor yacht and boat charters and rentalsPhoto Credit: Anchor

This boat with a humorous name ensures you'll have a good time out on the water! Located at Camden on the Lake, SkidMark is a 26' deck boat, complete with bluetooth for tunes and a Bimini top for shade. Groups up to 12 can rent for a half-day or full-day. Click here for more details.

skidmark boat rental lake of the ozarksPhoto Credit: Skidmark Boat Rental

Experience a European-inspired yacht charter on one of the lake's largest private yachts. You'll instantly feel luxurious thanks to Skyfall's crew, hydraulic swim platform beach, interior styling, and state-of-the-art sound system. Also located at Camden on the Lake, Skyfall services all of Lake of the Ozarks and can hold groups up to 12 people. Check it out here.

skyfall boat rental lake of the ozarksPhoto Credit: Skyfall Yacht Charter

Next is Bombay Boat Rental. They offer ski boats, such as the Cobalt 220 and R3. They also offer 12 passenger 150 HP Sylvan Mirage tritoons. There are four Bombay Boat Rental locations: Village Marina (3 MM), Camden on the Lake (7 MM), Lodge of Four Seasons (12 MM), and Dog Days Bar & Grill (18MM). For those individuals who frequently rent boats, check out Bombay Boat Rental’s membership packages. 

bombay boat rentals lake of the ozarksPhoto Credit: Village Marina

Redhead Yacht Club Rental (21 MM) offers 12 passenger 150 HP 2018 Princecraft tritoons.  Redhead’s tritoons are equipped with chaise lounges, a sundeck, radio, 12-volt outlet, swim platform, table and 2-position seat with cooler. Redhead Yacht Club Rental is also home to Redhead Lakeside Grill, a great place for lunch or dinner.  

redhead yacht club boat rentals lake of the ozarksPhoto Credit: Redhead Yacht Club

Surdyke Boat Rental has two rental locations. Surdyke’s Port 20 (20 MM) and Surdyke’s Yamaha Marina (26 MM). At Port 20, Surdyke offers a 12 passenger 24’ AR 240 Jet Boat and an 11 passenger 23’ H230. In tritoons, they offer a 12 passenger 25’ X3 25 RC. At Yamaha Marina, they offer 12 passenger 24’ 242 Limited S Jet Boat and an 11 passenger 23’ H230. In tritoons, they offer a 12 passenger 26’ G3 LX3 25C tritoon and a 12 passenger 25’ X3 25 RC.

Surdyke boat rentals lake of the ozarksPhoto Credit: Surdyke Yamaha

WFO Watercraft Rental has two rental locations. At their Public Beach Marina PB1 (9.5 MM Glaize Arm) and at their main location (3 MM Glaize Arm). At their main location, they offer 8 Passenger 22’ 90 HP tritoon, 10 passenger 23' 115 HP tritoon (ADA compliant), 12 passenger 28' 150 HP tritoon, 12 passenger Fish & Cruise 23' 115 HP tritoon, 12 passenger 27' 12 225 HP Premium tritoon and 12 passenger 25' 12  250 HP Extreme tritoon. In-deck/ski boats, they offer 10 passenger 22' 150 HP Sportdeck, 5 passenger 20’ Roughneck, and 5 passenger 17’ 5 115HP Runabout. At PB1, they offer fishing boats and pontoon rentals. 

wfo watercraft rentals lake of the ozarksPhoto Credit: WFO Watercraft Inc.

What Certification is Required to Rent a Boat in Missouri?

If you were born after January 1, 1984, you must be certified to operate a boat. You may be asked to show your Missouri Boating Safety Certification Card when renting a boat. This card allows those individuals born after January 1, 1984, to legally operate a “motorized vessel or personal watercraft” on Lake of the Ozarks and all other lakes in Missouri. The Missouri Boating Safety Certification Card might sound like it’s hard to obtain, but all it means is you have received some education about boating safely in Missouri.

boating safety course Missouri boating certificationPhoto Credit: Boat Ed

Getting your Missouri Boating Safety Certification Card is simpler and cheaper than you might think. You can sign up online here, study and pass the course for only $24, and pay a $17 state fee. That means that for only $41 you can be legally certified to operate a boat on any of Missouri’s lakes. The card also is valid for your entire life. Thus, we think this is a great investment, especially if you live in or near Missouri, or are considering a long vacation here. Just remember to print and bring your online course completion document, and you’ll be ready to rent a boat at  Lake of the Ozarks!

Types of Boat Rentals Available at Lake of the Ozarks

If you’re hosting a big group and looking for a party atmosphere, tritoons are great. They’re the boat equivalent to a house with an open floor plan. With plenty of seating, your guests can easily see and hear each other. These boats are great for entertaining. If you’re looking for speed, agility, and adventure, ski boats are great for tubing, wake surfing, and as their name suggests, water skiing. All the boats mentioned in this resource guide are great for cruising and exploring the miles and miles of Lake of the Ozarks shoreline. As veteran Lake of the Ozarks boaters know, size matters on busy weekends if you’ll be boating on the Main Channel. The larger the boat, the smoother the ride. Smaller boats will do just fine on weekdays or at the quieter areas of the lake. 

Boat Rental Safety

While we all want to believe that boat rental companies are following all the rules as it pertains to safety, renters should take an active role in making sure their boat is safe. Ask the boat rental company questions and check out our article on Required Safety Equipment for Missouri Boaters. Also, check out our boat rental reviews on our website before making your decision. 

Whether you’re fishing with a buddy, having fun with the family or partying with your friends, safety should be your top priority. If you rather be a mate than a captain, check out our Top 5 Captains For Hire Companies in Lake of the Ozarks.

What type of boat are you most interested in renting? Have you rented a boat before? Do you have any boat rental tips to share with our audience? Join the conversation, we would love to hear from you!

Michael Kiel